GameCube start screen montage.

Twilight Princess on GC?

Uhh yeah? Twilight Princess was on both GC and Wii.. hell it was SUPPOSED to be exclusive to the GC but then the Wii came around and they threw together the Wii version for TP in order to sell the console and game more ,they had very little time to implement it onto the Wii so it came to have poorly developed mediocre motion controls. It wasn’t until Skyward Sword where they got the controls right since they had more time with it as the Wii was already out for years. GC version of Twilight Princess is the best by far since it was meant to be played on that console, I hated flailing my wrist around in a random fashion with the Wii version. 

Well I’ll be damned, I never knew that. I hated the whole “get RSI to play” thing too.